What does PO mean in baseball stats?

What does PO mean in baseball stats?

PO in baseball stats stands for putouts.

What is a PO in sports?

A PO in sports is a Ponytail.

What does po mean in a baseball box score?

The answer to this question can be found in the “Glossary” section of the baseball-reference.com website. According to this source, “PO” stands for “putouts.”

What is a PO in baseball slang?

A PO in baseball slang is a putout.

What does PO stand for?

There are many possible meanings for the acronym PO, including “post office,” “purchase order,” and “power of attorney.”

What does P mean in baseball scoring?

P stands for pitcher.

What does po mean in pitching?

Po stands for pitching out.

What does Po in baseball stand for?

Po stands for putouts.

What does the P stand for on a baseball scoreboard?

The “P” on the baseball scoreboard stands for “pitcher.”

What is PO in baseball box score?

The PO column in a baseball box score denotes the number of putouts by a player.


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