What does hr means in baseball?

What does hr means in baseball?

In baseball, hr stands for home run.

Who holds the home run record?

The current home run record is held by Barry Bonds. He broke the record in 2007.

Why is it called a homerun?

Most baseball fans know that a homerun is a baseball hit that goes over the infield fence. The word “homer” comes from the phrase “home run,” because the ball is hit as if it were being hit home.

Why is a home run called a jack?

A home run, in baseball, is a type of hit which travels over the fence in right field and is scored as a point by the batter. The term “home run” comes from the fact that most of the time the ball is hit near the “home” (backstop) of the playing field, hence the term “home run.” Back in the early days of baseball, runs were important, and the “home run” was one of the most important types of hits. Hence, the term “jack” was given to this type of hit.

Why is it called a run in baseball?

A run is called a run in baseball when a player with the ball on the ground advances it at least one base before the opposing team can put any runners on base.

Who has the most HR in baseball?

John Lackey has the most HR in baseball with 113.

What is a home run in baseball called?

A home run is counted as a hit when the ball passes through the infield between the first and second bases, and then rolls or bounces beyond the back fence of the baseball field.


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